Chris Harrison

Photographer & Artist South Lake Tahoe, CA

The best artist is the one who can evolve and learn a new skill. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and into something greater.

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While everyone was taking photos of the same landscapes, I went with a different approach with my photography; fixing the perspectives of my photography using photoshop to change the look completely. That’s when I changed gears, going from black and white landscapes to a surrealistic, dream-like photograph. Recently, I have been interested in expanding my photography skills, trying out alternative photo processes to find new ways of twisting my art to my liking. One of the styles I’ve been practicing are combination prints, using multiple images in the darkroom to make one image. Another way I do this is a style called “picture weaving.” Using this process, I combine images by printing two separate images, cutting them into strips, and weaving them into one. “Intertwine” is a series of photographs that describe my anxious and paranoid feelings as I move on in the world. Creating new images that balance between the contrasting emotions I feel. Making art like this really changes my perspective on photography because it makes me feel more in control of my work. I love to do photography like this because this process gives me the chance to create art that no one would see anywhere else. However, I also like to work on any medium that I find interesting, because I believe that the most successful artist is the artist that can do anything.


Lake Tahoe Community College

AA Degree in Liberal Arts & Visual and Performing Arts

Sierra Nevada College

BA in Fine Arts

Graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a Valedictorian candidate



Solo, Intertwine, Tahoe Gallery - Incline Village, NV (This show took place at the Sierra Nevada College, as part of my final before graduation. It was a gallery of Picture Woven photos and sculpture pieces.)


Solo & Group, High Vibe Society collection, South Lake Brewing Company - South Lake Tahoe, CA (Originally a group exhibition with members of the High Vibe Society, I was given a chance to bring in more of my own work.)


Landscape Photography Portrait Photography Digital Art Combination Printing Picture Weaving