Paintings & Drawings

"Radio Daze"
Oil Painting, Canvas, 2012

"That Was Some Party Last Night"
Oil Painting, Canvas, 2012

Oil Painting, Wood; 2012

“The Unhealthy Meal” Gouache Painting, Watercolor Paper; 2015; Third Place in LTCC Student Art Show 2015

Acrylic Painting, Tin; 2014

“Escape The Fate”
Acrylic Painting, Watercolor Paper; 2015

“The Banner That You Wave”
Gouache Painting, Watercolor Paper; 2015

“Chills, Kills, and Cyanide Pills”
Pen and Ink drawing, Watercolor paper; 2015

“Grey Matter”
Greyscale Markers,
Drawing Paper; 2015

“Vicious Voodoo”
Pen and Ink, Watercolor paper; 2015

“Stained By Stamen”
Gouache paint, watercolor paper; 2015

“Dog Gone”
Gouache paint, Watercolor paper; 2015

“This Way To The Lake”


Paintings and drawings that I have done