Intertwine Gallery


To intertwine can mean to twist or twine together, but it can also mean to link or unite different ideas. My gallery is about the idea of weaving or “intertwining” different photos, ideas, and settings into one concept. Always having this constant worry, anxiety, and nervousness about the outside world growing up, I started to become more afraid of what would happen if I left my home to see the world, and began to feel more comfortable in solace. But the anxiety still remains on whether or not you are still doing what you should by staying in your comfort zone or if it’s better to step out and face your fears.
For my gallery, I’m showing two different settings that I’ve grown accustomed to: my room and the outside world. My contrasted settings have been shown through my woven photography, showing the anxiety of being in an enclosed space and the relief of breaking free of the comfort zone and into better things. All being interwoven into one setting, showing the balance of the anxiety-like feelings against the looseness of feeling free, because I’ve always felt like you can’t have one without the other. Completely different, but necessary to each other.